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Hi de Hi Campers!!!

Thank you for being brave enough to contemplate camping under the starry skies of Surrey following our party on Saturday 4th July.
As you will see the Bell Tent Company are going to provide us with some lovely, comfortable options and after 8 hours of drinking, dancing and eating we can pretty much guarantee that you will sleep soundly.

Please check out the different options ranging from either a plain bell tent, a motel bell with full height beds, or if you like to be closer to the ground you can go for a motel bell with standard air beds. Once you’ve decided just click on the payment link and the lovely people at The Bell Tent Company will take care of the rest and your Bell will be ready and waiting for you to check in from 4:30pm.

We will provide bacon baps, egg baps or veggie baps on Sunday morning along with lashing of hot tea/coffee and fruit juices.

The venue have politely asked that we all pack up and clear off by 11am!

Can’t wait to celebrate with you all

Dave & Sophie


Sophie and Dave’s Bell tents