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Bell tent production jobs

Campsite Warden and Bell tent production staff Required

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We are a Bell tent and campsite company, looking for staff with a wide range of skills, from being physically able to lift 25-30 kg in weight but yet make a bedroom up from scratch including making beds and bedding. You need to common sense and the ability to think and operate outside the normal box. 

We have 2 campsites that require wardens from Friday- Sunday,Alternatively the Riversite by Steyning west sussex (25min outside brighton) has a very laid back approach and is mainly attracting families and large groups of friends eager to take advantage of the river or bushcraft activities. Our other site is a few minutes outside Hastings and has woodland camping and meadowland, with both campsites the warden and staff have access to 4×4 and quad bikes. 

You will need your own vehicle or be able to reach these two locations if interested please send a CV or email illustrating previous relevant work experience and/or personal attributes to me Tiz at

Overview of the Campsite and Bell tent production jobs

Our camping seasons run from April/May to August. The river campsite is off-grid. The positions often are likely to suit a couple or individuals who are comfortable with the general public and out door living.

The primary responsibility of the warden(s) is to enhance the experience of our campers and ensure their wellbeing and that of the campsite. We never ask staff to do anything we have not all done within the core team ourselves. You need to be hardworking, willing to work in sometimes through tough weather conditions have the ability to big deep and keep going.

We pay a sliding scale for different jobs, the bell tent production is job based, the wardening is fixed with extra jobs within the role on a per hour base rate. We do look for relaxed down to earth individuals, with strong senses of humour and people skills.

We will require you to start work on the 1st bank holiday in May and finish no earlier than the last weekend in August. The working days will often stretch from Thursday Bell tent production, Friday campsite production Sat/Sunday wardening, Monday production pack down.


Campsite Warden Jobs

  • Where applicable Pop-up bell tents and kit with equipment on the for the campers.
  • Some movements and repositioning of Bell Tents around the campsite.
  • Chill-out teepee, army mess tents and canvas awnings
  • Check the solar panels and freezer and fridge areas are clean and working correctly

Guests Arrival & Departure

  • Meet and greet guests on arrival
  • Assist with belongings from car park to campsite, ensuring trolleys and wheelbarrows are available for their use, we also have quad bikes and 4×4 vehicles on certain campsites.
  • Ensue guest only park in car park area
  • Show guest to their accommodation, pointing out the equipment
  • Point out the basic rules and expectations of the campers
  • Explain rubbish and noise policy
  • Provide with firewood allocation and sell additional if required

Bell Tent Preparation & Cleaning

  • Bell tents must be kept clean and well maintained. checking through adverse weather conditions
  • Fire-pits must be clean
  • Kindling, matches and newspaper re-stocked
  • Carpets and mats kept cleaned
  • Interior tidied.
  • Beds checked and inflated
  • Bin liner replaced
  • Bell tent rotation from campsite to containers needs to be monitored

Campsite Cleaning and Maintenance

  • The general campsite should be kept very clean and tidy at all times.
  • Campsite surrounding trees surveyed for any dangerous branches.
  • Toilets checked and cleaned morning and evening.
  • Compost toilet waste checked
  • Shower checked and cleaned morning and evening.
  • Shared Kitchen areas checked and cleaned daily
  • Pathways monitored and maintained.

General Duties

  • Ensure the campers have an enjoyable stay
  • Supervise the campsite and maintain safe practices
  • Ensure the low noise policy is observed
  • Stack firewood when delivered.
  • Sale of additional firewood to campers.
  • Liaise with Campsite Manager regarding bookings and general matters.
  • General duties and responsibilities as required.

Specific Task List To Include.

  • Clean Toilet/Shower AM
  • Clean Toilets/Shower Midday
  • Clean Toilet/Shower  PM
  • Clean Wash-up Area AM
  • Clean Wash-Up Area PM
  • Clean Shed & Campsite
  • Water Heater AM
  • Water Heater PM
  • Check Bell Tents Daily
  • Meet & Greet Guests
  • Twilight Walk Around
  • Keep the cash book up to date
  • Daily Record in LOG BOOK
  • Ensure Phone Battery Charged
  • Ensure Leisure Battery Charged
  • Stack Firewood
  • Maintenance Work

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wedding bell tent hire reviews

What a great weekend – Thanks!

By Bell Tent Weddings, campsite

Another lovely review for us – this time from Olga

Dear team!

Please accept our wholehearted thank you for this weekend.  This is an amazingly chill site and we felt so well taken care of.  Tiz, you were absolutely right on location.  It was perfect – scenic, lots to do, and not do, perfectly sized fire pitches, those tire swings are amazing, awesome kitchen tent, lovely neighbours (we also did our best to be lovely not sure if it worked!) and off the hook toilet which was converted into a haunted house on the last day – ‘smells like someone died in here’ and ‘i hear voices’

Olga Shibiko

wedding bell tent review
wedding bell tents reviews
campsites near brighton with bell tent hire

Fancy your very own magnificent Lotus Belle Tent?

By Glamping, Lotus Belle Tent

When you book your camping or glamping holiday with Cool Camping you have a chance of winning an amazing, cool and creamy canvas lotus belle tent worth £1,500 and standing over 3m high and 5m wide or one of our runners-up prizes.

The Lotus Belle Company are true innovators of the glamping world  have a striking and modern design. Somewhere between a yurt and a bell tent, Lotus Belles have the size, space and beauty of the former but with the easy set-up and foldaway of the latter and the same classic camping look.

To find out  more and about the campsites you can book online through cool camping such as pop-up at Brighton wombell campsite, powys pods, glamping west midlands, glampotel and cleadale campsite visit Cool Camping

campsite and axe and paddle bushcraft

Axe & Paddle Bushcraft courses at Heronsdale Manor campsite

By Axe and paddle bushcraft, campsite

Steven Say teaches and presents traditional skills and crafts to adults and children at our pop-up in the woods campsite of Heronsdale Manor in Heathfield, events, festivals and private parties and founded Axe & Paddle Bushcraft in early 2012.

Take away a new skill from your stay at our pop-up in the campsite and embrace craft, nature and tradition. The Bushcraft folk will teach you bow and arrow making, spoon carving and flint or friction fire making. You can also try the ancient and rapidly diminishing hunting, skinning and cooking over you fire pit skills with Steve.

With regards to Fire Lighting, there are three different stages are available to book. Stage one uses the more traditional, more difficult, Flint and Steel method and the carbon stick tool to learn the ‘Strike a Light’ method. For Stage two you would learn the ancient Bow Drill method and how to build a lasting fire. Stage three is the Friction Fire lighting course for very enthusiastic to learn how to create fire caveman style.

Generally, Axe & Paddle Bushcraft courses include Brain Tanning, Fire Lighting, Jewellery Making, Leatherwork, Moccasin Making, Paddle Making, Shelter Building and Base Camp Skills, Spoon Carving, and Traps and Snares.

Axe & Paddle Bushcraft also sell handcrafted items such as bone carvings, green wood furniture, jewellery, leatherwork and wood as well as working on bespoke commissions.

Axe and Paddle Bushcraft

Pop-up by the river

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Pop-up gets new compost Wc’s

River campsite compost toilet, just waiting for the shower

River campsite compost toilet, just waiting for the shower

Our Campsite on the river Adur a short 20 minute drive from brighton is about to take ownership of out 1st compost toilets. These beauties have been custom made for our mobile campsites.  The phrase drop and go, pardon me matron.

Pop-up by the river

The Eco toilets & Showers

By campsite
compost hut

compost hut

          Wombell Campsite gets the Green Go-Ahead

Thanks to Quirky Huts, we have quirky WC’s

The sturdy timber frame of the shower hut is clad with rustic waney edge douglas fir, is chemical free, easy to maintain and an environmentally friendly while still being an attractive feature to our surroundings.

Wild shower hut

Wild shower hut


A shower as nature intended

 (but just hot)

We are really looking forward to this Pop-up shower, imagine showering under a hot fine mist gazing out over the South downs National Park. I’m keen to invests in a wind-up radio for and radio 4 moment.

Pride weekend

By campsite, Uncategorized

Hi Liz thank you for making our stay as easy and comfortable as it was. 

I was especially impressed by the little touches (Lollies in toilets, bringing us water and preparing our fires). 
Overall we had a great stay at your relaxed quirky campsite and are all looking forward to returning!
We will hopefully be booking again same time next year as there was such a good atmosphere at Pride.


Heavenly hen party

By campsite, Uncategorized

What an amazing weekend at the Brighton Base Camp! It’s so convenient to Brighton but also a little world of its own – you almost feel like you’re on two hen nights in one.

I cannot imagine a better start to our weekend than sitting around the campfire with a glass of Prosecco, listening to some music and tucking-in to Sharen’s delicious curry. Peeking out from our tents, bleary-eyed, to see the beautiful view – just in time to receive one of Sharen’s breakfast baps – was also a bit of a treat every morning.
The big tent was lots of fun too. Brighton is a brilliant place to go on a hen night, and this is a fantastic way to give it a bit of a different, and hugely memorable, twist.